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Sat., Mar. 23 - 11:00 AM

Beef Cow & Calf Sale Featuring Production Sale for Wilderness Ranch

Offering cows, breeder bulls, and cow/calf pairs. Cull cows at 11A.M. followed by Stocker sale.

Sale features the "Wilderness Ranch Production Sale "

Offering 80 Black Angus Cows! 

Wilderness Ranch Beef Program:

  • 100% grass fed cattle! No grain fed to these cattle ever! Bred to supply our grass fed and grass finished retail market. 
  • Cattle are outside 24/7. First roof some will see is the sale barn!
  • Genetics have been bred 20+ years to top sires in the angus breed! 
  • Pure Bred Bulls all purchased from OLE Farms, Athabasca, Alberta. Grand sires include: DDA Pinebank 50H, DDA Emblazon 27C, SAV Resource 1441 Going back to the great Rito 707! SAV 8180 Traveler, SAV Final Answer, N Bar Emulation EXT, Sitz Alliance 6595, Standard Hill Payoff 20P, 
  • Pfizer vaccination program, boosted yearly 20+ years. All cows have magnets
  • Calves are wintered with cows, in pastures and weaned at 10 months typically. Saves labor, bedding and manure handling! These cows will work for you!
  • these cows will come from our Englehart location, they are climatized to -30 or colder winters..
  • Cows will range in age from 4-8 years old, year letters are on tags. 
  • Cows are used to electric fences and intensive grazing management 


The cattle industry is at an exciting time right now! We are seeing highs never seen before in the cattle industry. These cows could be purchased calved and sold the same year at a handsome profit. We are focused on supplying our retail market direct to the consumer. If you are of the same mind and are looking for genetics that will meet that market, these may be just what you need to get started or add into your existing herd. Wilderness Ranch is consistently breeding around 520 cows yearly in several different herds. Very, very minimal attention is given at calving time. Our motto has been "if they cant do it on there own, they don't belong here" This has been one of the guiding pillars of developing our herd. Our cows are not pampered! They are in their working clothes all year long. Calves are weaned at 10 months, cows are expected to calve unassisted in May/June and breed back in August/September to stay in the herd. Bad feet and udders are culled and not tolerated."

Our regular beef cow & calf sale takes place this day also. Offering stockers and cull cows at 11Am followed by breeder bulls, bred cows, and cow/calf pairs.

Consignments Include:

- Conner Peelar sends a Commerical 3 year old Hereford Bull.

- Ritchie Welsh 12 Limo Steers & Heifers, 6-700lbs

- John Welsh sends 12 Angus/Limo X Steers & Heifers, 6-700lbs

Consignments Accepted now!

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