Upcoming Beef Auctions

Fri., Jul. 26 - 6:30 PM

Beef Cow & Calf Sale


Friday July 26th at 6:30 P.M.  * Note Date & Time


Early Consignments Include a Group of 10 Simmental and Black Cows with Calves at side as well as approximately 10 Simmental and Black Springing Cows. A Small Herd of 11 Simmental X Cows some with calves at side and a Black Angus Bull. 15 Crossbred Cows with calves at side; 10 Limo & Limo X Cows with calves at side and exposed back to a Limousin Bull. 20 Black Bolvieh Cow/Calf Pairs and 1 Purebred Black Bolvieh Bull; 1 6 year old Black Limo Bull, 1 3 year old Red Limo White Face Bull and a 1 /12 year old Speckle Park Bull. More consignments will follow consisting of breeder bulls, cow calf pairs, and bred cows. We will sell Cull Cows (Dairy or Beef Cows) at 6:30 P.M. Cows can be received Friday afternoon. Stocker Calves will follow the cull cow sale with a nice selection of local calves. Stockers Wanted! Consignments Accepted NOW!

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