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Mon., Oct. 25 - 1:00 PM

Carson’s Fall Stocker Sale

Monday October 25th – 1:00 P.M. – Carson’s Fall Stocker Sale.  500 Head + Sell! Offering all pre conditioned, bunk adjusted, and age verified calves of various breeds.  Early Consignments include from: Carl & Cheryl Russwurm & Family send Approx. 70 Head of Hereford Simmental X Calves. 500-700lbs. Rail Line Farms sends 60-80 Red & Blk Limousin Calves 500-600lbs. Paullyn Farms sends 60 Charolais X Calves ½ steers & ½ heifers 500-600 lbs.  Kevin Pfeffer sends 40 Blk & Red Limo X Steers & Heifers 500-750lbs. Tim Seifreid sends 20 Limo Calves650-750lbs. Paul & Tanya Clarke send 20 Red Limo Steers & Heifers 500-600lbs. Tom Stull & Anne Hawkins send 75-100 Limousin Calves, 5-650lbs; Jaiden Stull sends 15 Speckle Park Limo X Calves, 500-600lbs.  Hugh MacDonald sends 20 Angus & Angus X Steers and Heifers, approx. 500-550lbs. Lynn Elliott sends 20 Simm Charolais X Calves 650-800lbs. Twinbrook Simmentals 10 Simm X Steers and Heifers, 650lbs Stan Conquergood sends 20 Simm Calves. Don Reinhardt sends 15-18 Hereford X Calves, 4-600lbs. Sam Frey sends 16 Red Red & Blk Limo Calves 5-750lbs. Check out next week’s ad for further consignments!Also consignments from many other local breeders. The majority of the calves selling are pre-conditioned, vaccinated, Ivomeced, age verified and bunk adjusted.  The weights in this ad is only approximate.  More consignments sell that day, this is just an early listing.

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