Upcoming Beef Auctions

Sat., Mar. 9 - 11:00 AM

Beef Cow & Calf Sale

Offering cows, breeder bulls, and cow/calf pairs. Early Consignments include

- Gary Young sends 12 Blonde Bred Cows & a Homozygous Registered 4-year-old Blonde Bull.

- A Dispersal Sale for Robert Nimmo Farms of 42 Red & Black Limo Cows bred to a Double Polled Red Limo Bull. Cows will be preg checked prior to sale, are fully vaccinated and run outside 24/7.

- Carl Hofstead sends 10 Crossbred Cows & a Limo Bull

- Tyler Gibson sends 10 Simm X Cows bred for Fall calving to a Purebred Black Simmental Bull

- Phil & Shelley Brady send 22 Black Angus with a few Speckle Park Bred Cows

- Van-Mar Farms sends 6 Crossbred Cows bred Angus/Simm X 

Cull cows at 11A.M. followed by Stocker sale. Consignments Accepted.

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