Upcoming Horse Auctions

Live Video Streaming of all Horse Sales. Pre-registered with our office to bid on the phone.  This must be done before the sale starts or you may miss bidding on the horse.

All  Breed Horse Entry Fee is $50.00 per horse plus HST (entry fee must accompany entry & is non-refundable). There are NO susbitutions.  6% commission on the sale of your horse plus a $8.00 for a lead rope that will be given to the new buyer. 

Draft Horses Sales have a different rate please check the entry forms for full details.  All horses entered in the sale must pay the entry fee, whether it is scratched.  No exceptions!

Sat., Dec. 16 - 9:30 AM

Carson's All Breed Xmas Horse & Equipment Sale

Tack and equipment will sell at 9:30 A.M. with harness, buggies and horse related equipment. Horses will start to sell at 12 Noon approx. NEWS FLASH. Complete Dispersal of Black commercial horses for Willisgrove Farms - Estate of Jim Matheson of Embro. 7 Horses, show wagon, trailer, harness and all show equipment and everyday equipment.

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