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Carson's Fall Colors Draft Horse Sale & Futurity Promotion Events - Results

We are just finished the Royal and can take in what an exceptional sale we had the previous weekend.  The weather was cold but the atmosphere was hot with excitement over who was going to be the lucky winner of the 1st prize of $10,800.00 in the futurity program.  On Friday 17 competitors returned to compete for an overall prize pot of $47,985.30. They each had to show on line, in the cart and do a pattern class.  The standard of all these 2 year olds was outstanding.  Everyone had done their homework and it strongly showed that working and training your 2 Year Olds developed them so much more.  The lucky winner was Gord Ruzicka and Doug Hobman with their 2 Year old Percheron Gelding Egan Home Torin.  Full placings, winnings and selling prices are shown on the enclosed table.  It also shows the purchase price of these weanlings and the income each competitor gained in the 2 year period.  This shows how much this program is working for the competitors and the breeders.  
28 weanlings were sold to go into the 2019 futurity program with an average of $4166.08 per head.  This is up just over $2300 from 2012 when the program started.  The average selling price of the 2 year Olds were $7725.00.  The overall average of the complete sale was $4950.00 and a complete sales report is enclosed.
We were privileged to have 2 production sales on offer.  10 registered shires from Windcharger Heritage Farm – Dale & Maxine Campbell of Dawson Creek, BC and Brelee Clydesdales – Lee Smith and Family of Lynden, ON. Both were reducing down their numbers but advertising their breeding stock.  This was a great opportunity for the true breeder.  We are getting so many more breeders coming from Eastern Canada & Quebec plus our regular Americans taking advantage of the weak Canadian dollar.
Our top seller was one of the Futurity 2 year olds who sold for $22,000 to Cal Lipsett Jr. who saw the potential in this animal.  Plus Anheuser Busch Inc. picked up a perfectly marked Budwesier Gelding for $16,600 from David Carson Farms but we had buyers from all over which can be seen in the full sales report.
We have already booked our Fall Sale dates for next year, October 19th & 20th, the week before the World Clydesdale show in Madison.  We would welcome any visitors to take in our sale and see what the Canadian and American market is all about.

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2017 Carson's Fall Draft Horse Sales Report

2017 Final futurity Points and Placings

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