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Compete Clydesdale Dispersal - Sales Report

Keith, Denise, MJ, friends and family worked extremely hard to identify the full herd with over 80% needing to be DNA checked.  Mares foaling all the time, and working diligently to get the sales arena and stalls all ready for the sale.  Very few people were aware that Dennis had a facility like the one he had, which would be able to accommodate all the horses inside, plus a sales ring where over 250 people could view the sale safely and in comfort at the beginning of March in Alberta.  There were buyers from all over North American and Canada.  From as far away as California, Oregon, and all the Canadian Provinces.  Plus we streamed the sale live through Liveauctions.tv for those who were unable to make the trip.  They too had over 50 on-line bidders registered with around 600 viewing the sale at various times.
The top selling horse was 2S Above All’s Mister Keynote (2011) Stallion who sold for $29,000 to Jared Martin of Brunt-Hill Clydesdale of Sask.  Who will be going on to breed another great set of mares in Saskatchewan.  Most people expected the Lot 1 – Gor-Dey Lightning, a coming 2 Year Old Stallion who recently was awarded the 2018 All Canadian & All American Yearling stud colt for his exceptional show record last year.  This horse could go on to bred exceptional animals or we could also see him as a future hitch horse, I guess time will tell as he was sold for $26.500 to John Newell of Ontario who is known for his wheeling and dealing in horses.  The top selling mare was Lot #6 – Alamar Tina who sold for $22,500.00 to Boulder Creek Clydesdales of Marion, IA.  As you can see the sale started out strong, but due to the quality of his stock with the depth of pedigrees continued to stay strong, even on his older mares.  
When the sale was first announced and the amount of head that would be selling.  Carson’s Auctions were getting lots of calls regarding animals being sent to meat.  We knew with the stock that Dennis had, which was his lifetime work and passion for the Clydesdale breed, this was never going to happen.  However, this was extremely upsetting for the family, but they are now able to say that their father bred and produced one of the top selling Clydesdale herds in the country with their average being $5991.00 per head.
On a personal note the David & Margo Carson and crew would like to personally thank all of the friends, family, fellow breeders, draft horse enthusiasts and neighbours who all helped to make this one of our best sales ever.  Keith, Denise and MJ and family know that their father was looking down on them extremely proud that his horses will go on to exceptional homes to carry on his breeding legacy. 
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Gor-Dey Complete Dispersal Sale Report

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