New Draft Horse Futurity Promotion

Open to ALL Draft Horse Breeders, Canadian and American

Purpose: To promote the Draft Horse industry by encouraging all draft horse breeders to participate in this new futurity program that will demonstrate the breed characteristics and versatility of the draft breed as a halter horse and as a hitch horse.  The intent is that this horse will appeal to one or all aspects of today’s market and produce a very saleable animal for its owner by participating in this program. 

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2017 Futurity Information and Futurity Meeting updates

The 2016 2 Year Old Futurity competitors returned to compete for a prize pot of $38,630.00 which was divided among the 12 returning competitors.  Jeremy Tingey on the Belgian Gelding "Stoney Lake Myring" was the successful winner receiving $8425.00 in prize money.  He then went on to sell to Triple Star Belgians of Michigan.  Another success story.

Futurity Points breakdown/past winners:



The Ontario Draft Horse Futurity Promotion competition is certainly adding a good excitement to all breeds and competitors taking part.  This is an excellent program in support of our draft horse industry and a competition for anyone and everyone to compete in.  No fancy wagon or 6 Horse Hitch of harness is required. 

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