Show Horses

We are working and developing a new young set of hitch geldings that we are very pleased with.  We feel they have a world of future in front of them.  However, our highlight from the 2019 Show Season has to be our 2 halter horses.  "Gor-Gey Albert" that we purchased at the Dennis Gordeyko Dispersal a 2019 Stud Foal who went undeafted at all 8 shows in 2019.  Plus our homebred 3 Year Old 18HH Reg. Clydesdale Gelding, "Carson's Impressor"who had a successful halter show season which should lead him to be the 2019 All - Canadian Gelding.  We also develop and train quality hitch geldings to be purchased throughout the year.

2019 Hitch Pictures Taken at Rockton Fair.

2019 Young Carson Clydesdale Hitch

We have been developing a new young hitch of Registered Clydesdale Geldings that we are very happy with. We stayed mainly in Canada this year so they didn't need to travel as much, but we intend to start 2020 with a road trip to Ocala, Florida. I enclose a breakdown of our horses and some hitch pictures from 2019

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Gor-Dey Albert

2019 Halter Show Horses

In 2019 we showed mainly 3 Halter Show Horses throughout the year. Gor-Dey Albert - M36132 - 2019 Stud Colt Carson's A.L. Jasmine - F758194 - 2018 Yearling Filly Carson's Impressor (Dante) - M35764 - 2016 Reg. Gelding

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Jackton's Ronnie

2017 Show Season for Halter & Hitch Horses.

We had another very busy show season showing both an 8 horse hitch and various halter horses. The highlight being an Imported Scottish Yearling Stud colt "Jackton's Ronnie" who we purchased at our Spring Sale and won his yearly stud class and Junior Champion at Essa, Carp, Navan, Rockton & RAWF 2017. An animal with a lot of future. He was also All Canadian Yearling Stud.

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Supreme Six Horse Hitch World Champions

2015 World Clydesdale Show - London, Ontario

We would like to thank all our crew, family and friends that helped and supported us at this show and many others. We were very happy with the show results we achieved winning the Supreme Six Horse Hitch and Willow Way Inferno becoming the Reserve Grand Champion Gelding. Full show results are listed below for Carson's Clydesdales.

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2015 Essa Show

2015 Carson's Clydesdale Hitch - Showing all over North American

We have been working hard in 2015 building up to the World Clydesdale Show that takes place at Western Fair District from September 29th to 3rd October 2015. All are welcome to come and view these horses in action. This show takes place only every 4 years and has not been in Canada since 1999. Here are a few pictures of our hitch at some earlier shows.

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Carson Crew & Geldings

Carson Clydesdales Group Pictures

In July 2014 we decide to do a photo shoot showing all of our hitch geldings and the crew that helps make it all happen. A fun day was had by all.

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Jethro & Huck - Winning Junior Team at the Clydesdale Nationals 2014

Carson's Up & Coming Young Stock & Hitch Potentials

With David's keen eye and James Kuepfer's good way of training our young stock we are always buying and developing young Clydesdales to work in our hitch and sell. These are the young up and coming Carson Clydesdales of the future. Watch this space.

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Winner of Ladies Team Class at Clydesdale Nationals along with Best Lady Driver 2014 - Margo Carson

Ladies Cart & Team Classes

As everyone knows who hitches it takes a lot of work preparing meals, washing and cleaning show decorations and overall organization. Carson Clydesdales rely on a lot of good family members to help. As a reward we try and let everyone get to show in the ladies team and cart classes. A big thank you goes out to Heather & Brittany Frank and Sarah Kuepfer. Thank you for everything you do.

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2014 Winning Geldings at The Royal Winter Fair

Halter Horses

Carson Farms take pride that their show string of Clydesdales are good enough to be shown on the line, with great success. At this years 2014 Royal Winter Fair we won the 3 Year Old & Under, Light Draft & Heavy Draft and were crowned the Grand Champion Clydesdale Gelding with Willow Way Inferno.

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Carson Clydes winning the Royal Winter Fair 2014

Carson Clydesdales - Our Show String as of 2014

We are very proud of our boys who are developing all the time under the watchful eye of our Driver James Kuepfer and the diligent work of Amy Jackovich, who is constantly looking after them in everyway possible. We had an exceptional year in 2014 winning numerous shows and here is a up close and personal look at our show string. We are constantly developing and training young Clydesdales for all forms of disciplines. Please call the office for all enquires: (519) 291 2049

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